Who's Who

The Church Covenanted Parish and has a Ministry Team comprising the Clergy, Readers, Church Wardens and Pastoral Care Leader. To assist the PCC and the Ministry Team in making decisions there are three different "Task Groups" which have the responsibility to implement our vision. Thus there is a sense of shared leadership and many people have a say in the running of the Church. 


Vacancy,  Revd Martin Tanner retired Jan 2017

Deanary Curate

Revd Zoe Heming


Tim Lomas and Val Creasey


Ian Macfarlane

Pastoral Care Ministers

Carol Corney and Jean Arbon

Pioneer Minister

Stuart Carley


David Jones

Reader Emeritus

Peter Hipwell

Worship Leader

Laurina Rushworth

Church Administrator

Cynthia Costelloe

CAP Centre Manager

Gill Carley

Foodbank Manager

Helen McSherry